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Loophole: One Word Prompt

Daily Prompt: Loophole Loopholes exist in almost everything, including tax laws (or especially?). Such allow those who can afford it, employ the services of 'experts' to help tuck their wealth in 'safe places' so they pay little or no tax. The taxman calls it tax avoidance, and say it's legal; so they get away with… Continue reading Loophole: One Word Prompt


Study – One Word Prompt

Daily Prompt: Study How I wish it was this easy in my time. image credit:


Reservation – Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Reservation Happy New Year, lovely people! I have reservations about making new year resolutions because like the seed that fell along the path in The Parable of the Sower, they will be 'eaten' up somehow. I used to make new year resolutions without fail, and top on my list was always to get… Continue reading Reservation – Daily Prompt