Hello there! I’m Anthonia, a Lagos-born Nigerian, raised on jollof-rice and fried plantain, in beuyootiful sunshine, with a dash of notorious Lagos traffic thrown in. I currently live in the UK where I’m a bean counter some of the day, and a mum all day. I love to create ‘stuff’ whenever I can find the time, and this blog will be about all the creative things I get up to – sewing, knitting and occasional jewellery-making, all brought to you from ‘my corner’ in the UK.

I first sewed during home economic classes when I was ten, where my first make was a calico dress completely sewn with hand needle. Then I graduated to using my mother’s Singer manual sewing machine in my early teens, and begged her to let me learn how to sew from her dressmaker, so I spent a few weeks during one of my school holidays, learning how to draft clothes. As is usually the case, life took over, I went away to university and that was that.

Fast-forward to 2017, I saw a YouTube video by Inside Number 23 where she had a ‘sewcation’, and then I had an ‘aha’ moment, remembered that I have a 10 year old computerised Brother sewing machine that was hardly ever used, and the rest is history.

My knitting journey on the other hand started in December 2015. I am self-taught, and have the lovely people on YouTube to thank for that.

I love reading, and have been known to be reading a good book even when I have important exams. I have now gravitated towards audio books which I almost exclusively listen to while sewing and knitting. I hope you have fun visiting.




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