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WIP Wednesday – ITAG Yoke 2

It’s been very hectic at work these past weeks, so much that I’ve had time for very little in the evenings except to eat and sleep. I’ve gone from almost always knitting during my commute to not even getting a seat on the train, not to talk of knitting. I must confess though that I’ve knitted while standing on a few occasions during my commute 😉.

Anyway, I found time here and there to do some knitting, and finished my son’s ITAG yoke jumper. There’ll be more about that on a finished object post. The subject matter of today is my current WIP, which is my youngest’s yoke jumper I cast on while still knitting on his older brother’. It’s unheard of in my household for one to get something and the other not to. Even birthday gifts are bought in twos even though they are not born in the same month. Well…


For this version, I decided to use Kate Davies’ Ásta Sóllilja (above) yoke pattern from her book Yokes, a pattern I’ve been wanting to knit for myself since I got the book. As with my first ITAG Yoke, I started from his body measurements, worked top-down, and tried to incorporate the pattern while still working with my own increases. That of course, didn’t quite work out. So I ended up modifying the chart without comprising the overall look too much I think. I also had to modify my increases where it appeared the finished garment was deviating too much. You will find details of how I constructed my version on my Ravelry page.


My thinking that working with my own measurements while using someone else’s motif will make it easier didn’t turn out true. My first ITAG yoke went more smoothly while this was like mending an already sewn garment which most times takes way more time than starting from scratch.

I used Drops Karisma in colours closely matching those in the pattern, and I do like the overall look. This yarn will be one of my go-to for my sons’ knitwear henceforth because it’s very affordable, available in a wide variety of colours, and looks like it’ll wear well.

On another note, I finally unpacked my sewing machine and overlocker 😃, and hope to be able to do some sewing in the coming weeks. Since I started knitting, I’ve refrained from knitting in Summer, but I’ve persisted so far this year mainly because    I’ve been unable to set up my sewing space. Now I can do some sewing.

Summer is certainly not my favourite time of the year for knitting.


14 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – ITAG Yoke 2

    1. Hello Tracey, I am fine, thank you for asking. That’s very nice of you. My route to work changed since we moved earlier this year that I now mostly stand pretty much all of my 50 minutes commute to work. So, I’m mostly too tired to do anything in the evenings, and the weekends are generally not my own in my house 😊. I’ve been making things (slowly), but haven’t had time to take pictures or even write a blog about them. Soon, hopefully. Really touched by your message. I hope you are keeping well also. Sending plenty of hugs and 💐. By the way, I thought I had a contact page, oops!

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      1. Gosh I imagine that is very tiring indeed. I’m happy to hear that all is otherwise ok. I haven’t been posting on my blog but I think I will go back to it at some point. Thank you, I am well. You may have a contact page but I can’t find it using my phone 😆
        With lots of love 💛💙💜💚

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  1. So glad to see your post, I know that these past few months have been hectic for you and yours. The yoke is just fantastic! The sweater will be worn out by your son! I am knitting a cotton/linen blend this summer. It has been slow going, more because my hands are tired than because it’s too hot, but oh well. I’m hoping to have it done by mid August but haven’t exactly been motivated.

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    1. Thank you, Kathy. Good to hear from you. I just started a cardi in linen-cotton blend too, it feels a bit rough on my cuticle, but it’s growing quite fast. I intend to go slow on the wool jumpers, and do some sewing instead because they can’t wear them until Autumn anyway.

      Hope you’re doing well.

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      1. I have very dry cuticles these days, and it does lessen my enjoyment of knitting some times! We are doing well. DH has pretty much recovered from the ordeal in April and has made huge progress on our outside and inside goals in the last 10 days. He watched and learned from many YouTube videos while he was feeling poorly and is busy putting them into practice with mostly scavenged materials!

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  2. Anthonia, I am so impressed by your gorgeous colorwork! How lucky your sons are to be anticipating receiving such beautiful handmade sweaters. 🙂 Sorry to hear things have been so busy, both at work and on the train. It can be so hard to fit in the creative time that feeds our souls and makes us happy! Glad to hear your sewing machine is retiring from hibernation. I agree with you that knitting in the summer can be hot–I guess I’m so addicted that I just keep on going, but switch mostly to 4ply cotton around this time. 🙂

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