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My First Ever Hand-spun

I finally finished first my hand-spun yarn, phew and YAY! The first three from left were Merino fibre that came with my beginners’ kit from World of Wool, which I spun on my 60g drop spindle; while the spearmint skein on the far right was spun on my 19g drop spindle from Kerryspindles.

Finished yarn; from left, dark blue singles, green and light-blue 2-ply and spearmint singles

I decided to 2-ply the two in the middle as they had the most twist, and was worried they’d not turn out well, but it looks like I put in enough twist to make them 2-ply. The first three in the middle have obvious thick and thin parts while the tiny hank is the most consistent of all as I’d learnt a bit more by then.

Here they are just after soaking and snapping.

After soaking and snapping

I think the dark blue is over-spun because it twists slightly when held in a loop while the others hang straight.

I was unsure about soaking the 2-ply because I didn’t want the twist to unravel, and I seem to remember seeing a YouTube video where the spinner steamed instead of soaking. Anyway, I was happy when there seemed to be no difference before and after, here are pictures showing their transition from fresh off the spindles to finished hanks (anti-clockwise from top).

That’s it for my first spinning adventure. I have since started spinning a merino-bamboo blend (bought without thinking 😊) and I’m really loving the experience. Oh! did I mention that I ordered my first Turkish spindle? Again without thinking, I only hope that HM Border Agency will have mercy and decide it’s not worth their trouble and let it get to me at no extra cost.

Till next time.


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