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Spinning Singles

After deciding that I like spinning enough to want to continue, I ordered two spindles from Kerryspindles on Etsy two Saturdays ago. Before then, I’d ordered three 30g drop spindles from World of Wool earlier that week to be delivered to my office, but I had a longer-than-planned bank holiday due to illness in my family, and didn’t get them until much later.

At 19g (dark) and 23g (light), they are described as  lace weight, and my first impression was “How on earth am I going to spin with this?” They are so lightweight compared to my only one at 60g, but they came with merino practice fibre so I immediately set out to work.

Reclaimed mahogany (dark) and Ash (light) spindles from Kerryspindles with practice fibre

Some hours later (and it did take that long to spin the tiny fibre with some colourful words thrown in), I had this on the cob.


Here are both side by side.


From Jillian Moreno’s class Ply to Knit: Spin the Yarn You Really Want on Bluprint, she stated that singles spun to be knit as singles shouldn’t have as much twist as those intended to be plied (30% more) because the latter will lose some twisting when plying. So below are all of my unfinished singles.

15af499a-3fa2-4275-a143-1a6f1341b346.jpegThey are all 100% merino, you can see the twist increasing from left to right. The dark blue single after winding into a hank actually came off the spindle like this.

Before removing some twist, overspun even for a 2-ply?

It recoiled so suddenly it made me jump 🤣, and my first impression was “Oh no!” Then after calming down, I removed some of the twist, so it looked like below.

With some twists removed

I finished it by soaking and snapping (one of several ways to finish a spun yarn which tends to re-distribute the twist I hear), and is now drying.

I plan to 2-ply the more twisty ones (green and blue) before finishing them, hopefully they’ll be okay. I should have them for next time.

My intention for this new adventure is to spin yarn I’m going to be able to use, even though I think that’s going to be tricky as I prefer to knit garments. Anyway, with that in mind, I bought Bluprint subscription for one year at a discounted rate of £54.99 (the lowest I’ve ever seen it), and have almost finished watching all the spinning-related content (I guess you can tell by some of the words I’ve been using 😊). I really, love the three I’ve watched so far. In addition to the one above, I’ve also watched Jacey Boggs Faulkner’s Drafting From Worsted to Woolen (this one made me realise I’d been drafting worsted spun wrong, ouch!) and Felicia Lo’s Spinning Dyed Fibers

Electric Wheel 5.2

Lastly, during my trawl of the web, I came across this really affordable and popular e-spinner on craftmehappy blog (above). She and many others have many good things to say about it and it’s predecessors, and that led me to Ravelry, where I saw it has quite a following. So I might just give it or it’s teeny sibling (the Nano below) a go, instead of the modular drop spindle I was drooling over.

Electric Eel Wheel Nano

At $75 for the standard and $105 for the deluxe version of the Nano, it’s a bargain even with VAT, import/customs duty and the ever-present Royal Mail handling fee for heavens-know-what. I don’t intend to embark on production spinning, so it’s very appealing to me, and I can always pack it out of sight of my very inquisitive brood after every use. Unfortunately, it won’t be available for purchase until August, so it’s drop spindling all the way.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


5 thoughts on “Spinning Singles

  1. Your spinning is coming along great. Both Jacey and Jillian have great classes try Amy King too. And Felicia has her own online school now.
    As far as spindles go Abby Francamont (forgot how to spell) is the queen of spindles. I use my heavy spindles for plying now. I have a tiny turtle spindle and very light one for lace.
    Don’t use them as much since my wheel but if I am doing very fine lace I have more control with the spindle. If you ever have any questions let me know. Enjoy it and you will find the joy helps you the most.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you! (grinning like a Cheshire cat). I’ve been binge watching all the spinning content on Bluprint and I have them all very useful. I really do love spinning with my spindles and have in fact just ordered my first turkish one 😊. Loved trawling your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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