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FO Friday – More Socks

It’s happy sock day today because I’ve finished all my sock WIPs 😃.

The first is the Enduring Hearts Socks by my friend Yarnstylist on a Ravelry; this is a simple but lovely pattern of textured hearts created by only knits and purls. This is my second pair of socks with heel flap and gusset, and it was a bit more easy to grasp this time.


I love the accompanying chart, it made it easy to see the pattern evolve. The garter ridges at both ends of the heel flap (and ktbl on picking them up) is very clever; I didn’t have any hole afterwards.


I knitted the pattern mostly as is, the only thing I did differently was I knitted 14 slipped instead of 12 for my size.


I knitted these and the striped socks below on magic loop, which was fine until I got the to point where I had to pick up stitches at the heel flap and join them to the instep stitches. For my next pair, I may just use the two-needle method which I used for the Fair Isle socks below.


The second pair is my husband’s Starry Starry Night socks by Suzanne Bryan on Ravelry. I didn’t use the motif that came with the pattern, instead I chose the one below from my Knit Like A Latvian book with a slight modification.


The pattern came with different variations, and she supported it with YouTube tutorials and live streams which are excellent. She suggested a variety of motifs,  and catered for different toe shapes, and so on.  Below are pictures showing the details.


I love the colour work pattern on the sole, which came with the pattern; very lovely, reminds me of a tree.


I followed the rounded toe pattern, though there is an option for pointed toes.


Lastly is another of my husband’s socks, this time the DIY striped socks; the first one I started for him two years ago. This one was fraught with problems from the start and I almost gave up at a point. The major one being using different balls of yarn to achieve the striped effect, so I had endless ends I had to weave in. How not-so-clever 😁!


I just cast on 78 stitches on 2.5mm needles (knew next to nothing about the workings of socks), and it turned out way too big and long so I had to chop off some stripes, but there was no remedy for the width.


I tried to prevent jogs when changing colour, but I mostly forgot when the time came, so there are jogs, but no-one will notice as it’ll be inside his shoes.



Though the least successful of the three, I love the radiating effect at the heel.

Now that’s enough socks to last me a while 😅.

Enjoy your weekend.


7 thoughts on “FO Friday – More Socks

  1. Congratulations on three gorgeous pairs of socks. Your husband is beyond lucky! Wow! Those fair isle socks are just divine. I can’t imagine trying to knit anything that complicated on such tiny needles. Taking my hat off to you. And your Enduring Hearts socks are so lovely! So glad the pattern worked for you!

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  2. You give me hope! Just started the Starry night socks. Had to put them on time out due to a spinning project with a deadline. I would like to do those short socks they look quick. All your socks came out lovely, who cares if there is a jog or not. they are his socks, if you are both happy with them that’s all that matters. Great Job!

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