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Avoiding Underarm Holes in Knitting

Since I find Suzanne Bryan’s (Knitting with Suzanne Bryan on Ravelry) knitting techniques videos very useful and refer to them a lot, I want to share this excellent one on avoiding holes at the underarm when picking up stitches to begin knitting the sleeves. I’ve found myself referring to it a lot recently, so here goes.

Credit: Suzanne Bryan

It’s not that I don’t pickup extra stitches to avoid holes, but I still find myself having  to re-enforce the armholes afterwards. So, this as much for me as it is for your enlightenment because I never seem to remember the stitch orientation 🙂.



6 thoughts on “Avoiding Underarm Holes in Knitting

  1. Oooh I am really looking forward to watching this video! Underarm holes are the absolute worst thing! I haven’t had to worry about them in my Rowan & Kim Hargreaves knits as they are all knit in pieces but now that I’m knitting in the round I’m worried about that so this will be super useful!!!

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