FO/WIP Friday – The Socks

It’s been several weeks of very little knitting activity because of a house move and lack of internet. Boy! I never thought I would feel not having internet that much; not that I spend that much time on the web anyway 😉, but I really did miss it.

To the business of this glorious Friday (18 deg Celsius in this part), I have two finished socks, yay! How I went from completely avoiding them to knitting several already this year is beyond me. They are the Kia Socks for my two youngests (is there even a word like that?). The pattern is a free one on Ravelry by Dawn Henderson, and was a curious knit since I didn’t exactly enjoy the experience of knitting my first pair a couple of years ago (nothing to do with the pattern, it was the fingering weight yarn and tiny needles that gave me a fright).

With Padded Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Bordhi

The main yarn is Drops Fabel while the contrasting yarn (cuff, heel and toe) is Lana Gross Meilenweit, both dug out of quite deep stash. They were enjoyable knits, and I’m glad I decided to give sock knitting it another try.

For the pair above, I used Cat Bordhi’s Padded Sweet Tomato Heel instead of heel flap and gusset in the pattern, and I really love the fit as it moulds the heel.

I liked the pattern so much I knitted another pair for his older brother (another reason is things are done in pairs around here as one would like the same thing as the other).

How the sock on the left came out funky is beyond me 🤔

This pair has the heel flap and gusset prescribed in the pattern, and it wasn’t difficult after-all.

Since I was on socks roll, I then cast on the Enduring Hearts Socks by my dear friend Yarnstylist on Ravelry, and should have that finished for next time. I just love the textured hearts created by simple knits and purls, really adorable. It’s not quite finished but it’s almost there, hence the feature 😁.



For all my new-found likeness for these cute patterns, I found knitting after the gusset increases a bit weird on magic loop. I just might try double-pointed needles next time, since I have a beautiful set from Knitpro begging to be put to some use..

Wishing you all a happy weekend.



4 thoughts on “FO/WIP Friday – The Socks

  1. Congratulations on all your beautiful knitted socks, Anthonia! Sock knitting is strangely addictive, isn’t it? I agree with you that knitting the gusset section of the sock on magic loop can be quite hard on the hands. I am on the gusset of Hermione’s every day socks right now and I’m trying that section on DPNs– it seems more comfortable to me, although the knitting goes more slowly. I hope this luscious pair of heart socks will be for you to wear and enjoy, they are looking gorgeous!!!

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    1. I see why everyone seems to have a pair on the needles. If I must confess, I’m wary of dpns as I knit at night a lot and tend to fall asleep while knitting; of course, the pair of hearts are for me. I’m even thinking of another pair for using intarsia techniques for the hearts. I think I should be able to manage it. Enjoy your weekend


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