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10,000 Reasons …

… For my heart to sing.

Actually there are actually innumerable reasons for my heart to sing.

You may wonder what I’m driving at, but things haven’t been terrific on the home front for a long time now, but God proved to me again that there’s really nothing too much for Him to do. We’d been waiting on Him to take us out of a difficult situation, and just when it seemed the world was going to collapse around us, He did!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a wilderness in life, in a desert place with practically no hope, and we feel like He’s deserted us; so we despair, and begin to question our belief. However, He did promise however that He will make us a roadway in that wilderness, as well as rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19). All we need do is trust in Him with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding (Prov 3: 5-6).

So, for all God’s goodness, I will keep on singing, blessing and thanking Him, part of the lyrics of this song by Matt Redman which I absolutely love because I’ve got more than 10,000 reasons.

Knitting of course, was also of great help. Before I ‘found’ knitting I was an avid reader, but I don’t think it would’ve occupied my mind the way knitting did in those times. Even though I didn’t do a lot, I always picked it whenever I had the chance and my mind immediately would stop focusing on everything else. Now that all that is behind us, you should see more of me around here, hopefully 😊.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


14 thoughts on “10,000 Reasons …

  1. I have given your blogsite address to koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com as she wants to contact you to see if you can help knit a pair of socks based on my blog post “beer socks” – I told her you could as you knit and crochet beautifully😃👍

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