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WIP Wednesday – Socks, Yes!

You read that right. I’m finally knitting socks after my first and only knitted pair back in 2017. Though a success and a beautiful pair, I’m not sure I like wool socks so I’ve not knitted another for me since then. However, since winter-related illnesses got in the way on the home front, and I didn’t have enough time to devote to my Orkney cardigan (at a stage where a good finish is key), I decided to re-visit old WIPS, and also cast on a pair of socks.

Today’s post will be quick intros, because there’ll be more details when they get off the needles, which shouldn’t be long, REALLY.

So, first up is Kia Socks, a free pattern on Ravelry by Dawn Henderson. I decided to  cast on for my youngest, and below is my current progress.


I’ve enjoyed knitting on this, and now his older brother wants one. Knitting this pair made me understand why sock knitting is so popular.

Before the Kia Socks, there was the technicolour pair below. I cast it on for my husband in June 2017 when I had no idea what I was getting myself in, and knew nothing about self-striping yarn. So, I used different balls of yarn for the stripes which turned out to be a royal pain.


For this, I just knitted a tube and did the afterthought heel. It however turned out too long and wide, and I had take out some stripes. So much for DIY. Hopefully, all is under control now.

Then the most exciting of all, another socks for my husband, this time in FairIsle!


Till next time.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Socks, Yes!

  1. I love the color combinations you are creating for these socks–no wonder your other child wants a pair! They are so bright and warm and happy-looking! I found last summer that I was quite comfortable wearing my supwerwash merino/nylon blend socks, no matter what the heat. The anti-odor and sweat properties of wool can be really nice. The Buffalo Wool company sells machine knit bamboo/bison wool blend socks that apparently feel amazing on the feet and have super anti-odor properties. It would be fun to knit some socks in their yarn. Apparently it is perfect for boys’ athletic activities and so on.

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  2. You have a love of intricate patterns.You are really good at fair isle! Socks are soothing knitting for me. I love to wear my wool socks. THey don’t itch me and they keep me warm. Most of the sweater knits itch me. Hats can itch me. But hands and feet are tougher skinned for me and I can always wear socks and fingerless or mittens !

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