Holiday Q & A For Crafters

Today, I will be answering questions posted by NothingButKnits on her blog here. In fact, she posts fun questions, but this is the first time I’ll be answering here. It’s as if she knew what I thinking before coming up with them. So, here we go.


  1. Have you made holiday decorations for your home? What have you made? Do you have a tradition of making something every year?
  2. Did you craft for holidays when you were a child? Do you have a memory of something you made?
  3. Do you gift items that you make? Do you surprise the recipient or do they request something? How do you judge their worthiness? Have you ever regretted gifting someone?
  4. Have you seen a crafty project youโ€™d like to make but havenโ€™t?

My Answers

  1. Naa, I’ve not been knitting that long, and have been selfish knitting mostly for the past two years ๐Ÿ˜Š.
  2. I can’t remember doing anything except hang Christmas decorations with my mum.
  3. I’ve never gifted any hand-knit; knitting for me involves time investment, but I intend to gift a hand-knit to my colleague whose birthday is in the new year. She used to knit, and is very knit-worthy. I wish though that we have babies and infants in the family because the knits won’tย  take time, and I think they’d be very knit-worthy. Now you lot, run off and multiply ๐Ÿ˜!
  4. Yes, I want to knit a Nativity Scene in readiness for next Christmas. I got Jean Greenhowes’ Christmas Special Booklet, and I already started planning; Exciting stuff!

Thanks for stopping by.


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