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WIP Wednesday – Christmas Special

I don’t have any Christmas-related knitting at the moment, but I’ve been thinking of making a Christmas Nativity Scene with Amigurumi since my new-found love for it. After searching high and low, I didn’t find one that appealed to me, but instead found Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Special booklet which has a knitted nativity scene.


Stash yarn will come in very handy for this make (I’ve got balls of beautiful mercerised cotton yarn), and I have 6 of the colours I intend to use. Cast on should hopefully be during this Christmas break, so as to have them ready for next Christmas. So, there’s technically no WIP to show 😊. In the meantime, here’s how the end result should look.


This pattern came with great reviews, and I’ve seen lovely projects on Ravelry and in person. I can’t wait to get started.

Now on to the new entrant this week, the Faded Splendor Tam by Janine Bajus. It’s been in my Ravelry queue since last winter, and since I cast off my Ballston Legwarmers (currently drying) last weekend, it gave me excuse to cast it on 😏. I’m using a combination of Jamieson & Smith (J & S) 2-ply jumper weight that’re exactly one year old this month, and Jamieson’s of Shetland’s (J of S) Spindrift.


Clockwise from left: J & S colour 28, J of S Green Mist (274) and Burnt Ochre (423), J & S FC47, J of S Old Rose (556), J & S FC43 and 134

This pattern is easily memorisable, and the colour combination is just yum (I had to substitute some of the colours as I didn’t have all prescribed).

My unblocked gauge on Chiaogoo 3.25mm interchangeable needles is 32 stitches (pattern suggests 29 sts), so I’m hoping to be close to gauge upon blocking (I know I should swatch, but I consider this a huge swatch 😉). I’m checking fit as I knit and like the fit as is, so I’m going to be careful not to enlarge it when blocking, or simply not block.


I just love these colours; just what I need to combat our dreary and grey weather

Do you see the green skinny hank of yarn? Well, yours truly couldn’t justify ordering the actual colour called for since I only need a tiny amount, so decided to use one of the greens in my stash. However, they didn’t look right, so I ‘cooked’ it up in my kitchen by over-dyeing Green Mist (274) with Wilton’s Food Colouring in blue and yellow. First, I soaked the yarn in tepid water with a capful of white vinegar for about 15 minutes. Then I started with a ratio of about 5:3 to 450ml of water (dipped the tips of a plastic fork into each colour 5 and 3 times respectively), with a touch of red to darken it slightly. I’d have used black but it tends not to want to stick to wool (I’ve tried with before with merino and merino-alpaca-viscose blend).


There’s my over-dyed Green Mist on the left

Now on to my Orkney cardigan which is very near the finished knitting line since I’m at about the half-way mark on the second sleeve.


Forgive the not-so-good picture, the weather’s been very grey and in-door lighting is not good for taking photographs

I’m currently at the beginning of the 3-strand rows, and I think I have now grasped how to manage them. On the other panels, I held 2 strands in my right hand, and 1 in my left, but it was a very slow process. So, for this, I’m trying holding 2 strands in my left (my usual way of holding) and 1 in my right. We’ll see.

So long.


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