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WIP Wednesday – Must Knit Faster

It goes without saying that my knitting’s been suffering a worse-than-usual setback partly because of my new-found love for Amigurumi toys, but I found a bit of time to work on my Orkney. Remember the booboo I talked about (see below) last week?

Arrows pointing at row with mistake

I fixed it with 2 passes of duplicate stitches (one each for the Bilberry and Mineral) which blend in nicely with the fabric. Here it is with the row corrected.


And here’s the finished first sleeve. There only remains the second sleeve, and I’ll have a cardigan. Hurray 😃!


Since I have only about 12″ of Carbon left, I’ve not cast on the second sleeve because the order I placed for it more than a week ago is yet to arrive, but not to worry, I’ve got plenty to occupy me 😉.

Next is my Ballston Leg-warmers. In this post, I mentioned that the lightweight Cascade 220 receded where it’s side-by-side J & S 2-ply jumper weight, so after I cast on the second leg, I decided to try and make the difference not that obvious.


Usually, I knit Continental style (yarn in my left hand, with the working needle is my right hand), but my preferred method for colour-work is holding the yarns in both hands. When I first started knitting colourwork, the yarn in my right hand resulted in a tighter tension than the other, so one colour was raised above the other, but it never bothered me. Then sometime this year, I watched a video on YouTube by Arne and Carlos, where they said that uneveness is caused by bad tension and one colour shouldn’t be raised above the other.

Anyway, I became curious, so I did some digging, and found another YouTube video by Paper Tiger who said colour dominance (I think) is consistently holding one colour with the same hand (even tension or not), or ensuring the yarns are in the same position if only using either hand. If not, there’ll be a difference in the way the fabric looks which may/may not be very obvious depending on the motif. I think that video is worth watching if you’re interested in colour-work, she covered a lot of ground in it.


Those videos made me take a good look at the first colourwork garment I knitted (above), and I could see the navy receded against the mustard. So, I started working towards even tension in both hands, and I’ve pretty much got the hand of it now.

The mustard pops to the surface, while the navy recedes into the background

Back to my legwarmers, I decided I didn’t like Cascade 220 receding against J & S, so, I deliberately knitted the second leg with uneven tension, i.e. tighter tension in my right hand, holding J & S (a plumpier yarn) and the former in my left.

The two colours in the one on the left (unblocked) are almost the same height , while the green is still receded in the one on the right after steam blocking

Disregarding technical terms, I think there’s a chance that one will get uneven tension if using both hands instead of one hand; but one can use that to advantage when necessary. I personally don’t subscribe to the school of thought that thinks one way of knitting is the best. I’d try any style so long as it interests me, and though I’d rather knit Continental style, I quite enjoy English style knit stitch. Now purling that way is another matter entirely.

In my first ever colour work (picture below) knitted Continental style with the two yarns in my left hand, one colour isn’t raised above the other, though there’s overall puckering because my floats are too short. I had to change from this style because the tangling yarn was going to drive me nuts.


Now I need to get back to Teddy T, I’m thinking of a new cast on for me, and a new jumper for my youngest, so I really must get my act together.

Till next time.




6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Must Knit Faster

  1. You have certainly adjusted your tension . Your stitches are brilliant and there is no pulling to be seen from color to color. Im taking a break soon and knitting a easy hat. I’ve still got a few tiny gifts to create, and finish, but the hat keeps calling

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