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Teddy T

I read somewhere that a 50:50 cotton-acrylic mix is good for Amigurumi toys that’d be ‘manhandled’, so I decided to give it a try for Mr T, the Amigurumi teddy I’m making for my youngest.


The pattern is Teddy Theodore from my book ‘Cuddly Amigurumi Toys’ by Marie-liis Lille, and classified as advanced, so promised to be more complicated than my first attempts. That however doesn’t concern my youngest who wants it, even though I tried hard to steer him in the direction of the easy ones.

For this, I’m using:

  • Phildar Noe DK, a chainette yarn in Sable (beige), and White for the body. It has a lovely feel, and I really like it, and I’m tempted to try a cable jumper for my sons using it.
  • James C. Brett Cotton On DK in Blue (25) for the outfit.
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Black polyester felt for the nuzzle.
  • Cotton poplin fabric, scrap woven interfacing and crochet threads (black and yellow).
  • 12mm safety eyes.

The project calls for a worsted weight yarn and 3.5mm hook, but I couldn’t find cotton-acrylic yarn in that weight.

I think I need to work on my tension because the stuffing can be seen easily

Now that the head form is done, there remains sewing on the felt muzzle and scrap  fabric to the ears, and that’ll be it. One thing I’ve been struggling with however is knowing how much I should stuff (I read somewhere that stuffings tend to loose their bulk over time, and I’m not sure how this one will perform), but I’ll just have to wait and see.

The head, body, arms, and legs are made up of single crochet (sc) stitches, then it’ll be time to move on to the advanced stitches. I’m both excited and a little bit scared 😨 just in case I’m disappointed.

Wish me luck.


14 thoughts on “Teddy T

      1. Not forgetting Jon, Pooky, etc. I love them all and I’m not a Spring Chicken 😁

        I’ll love to knit/crochet a scene with Garfield stuffed full of Tito’s pizza, and giving Jon a hard time 😂. I hope there’s a Garfield fan out there who already wrote the pattern. Take care of yourself.


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