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WIP Wednesday- 28.11.18

This WIP Wednesday, I do have a new addition which I’ll come to later. My Orkney cardigan is slowly, but surely nearing completion because I’ve finished the back and the two front panels, and have started on the first sleeve.


The left panel went on smoothly, while I had to unravel the right several times. First I forgot to change needles after knitting the corrugated ribbing, and had to unravel almost 3″. Then I forgot to knit the button holes at least 3 times, again unravelling each time 😓. The only thing that kept me from tearing my hair out is my curiosity as to how a no-ribbing button-hole will turn out.

Below are pictures of progress on the first sleeve. I’m knitting 2 sizes bigger based on Ravelry reviews that they turn out too snug, and also checking fit as I knit.

Those ends!

You may have noticed the sleeves are knit in colour combinations different (not as bright) from the body panels. My thoughts at first was to knit them in the same colours as the body, but decided against that because I’m trying (very hard) not to unnecessarily (note the key word) increase my yarn stash.

Arrows showing mistake row

“Clickity click, clicktiy click, in and out went my needles”, then I found a mistake about 2″ too late. So, I’m just going to correct that row with duplicate stitches since unravelling will probably send me round the bend.

Next up is a new entrant, the Ballston Legwarmers (free pattern on Ravelry) by Erin Schrader, which has been in my queue for about a year now. One is already finished, and I’ve just started on the second.

Ballston Legwarmer

I’m knitting these in Jamieson & Smith 2-ply jumper weight (natural – 202) and Cascade 220 Fingering (Ember Heather, Mossy Rock, Avocado), together with bits of odd J&S thrown in. Cascade 220 Fingering is thinner than J&S, and recedes where they’re side-by-side, so looks like it’s about to be eaten up by the latter 😱.


With some luck, I’ll finish the other leg this week, because I got delivery of some yarny gorgeousness yesterday (I know!), so there’s plenty of motivation for a new cast on.

Till next time, I hope you have a happy time creating fun stuff.



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