Crocheting After Ages

As a teen growing up in Lagos, crochet (more like granny squares) was all around me, and I did a bit of it. I remember making small granny squares in neon pinks and greens particularly and then lost interest.

The best part of my hat is the flower. I just love it!

Around December 2015 when I stumbled on knitting, and impatiently waiting for my knitting supplies to be delivered, I walked into craft shop near my office and ordered yarn, a crochet book (they didn’t have any knitting ones) and hooks. The result of that venture is this cute hat above.

After that, I never felt drawn to do anymore crochet because knitting just captured my heart 💕.

Fast forward to early this year, I volunteered to knit remembrance poppies for a care home in West Sussex and didn’t think about it until I saw them on sale on my way to work one October morning. It then dawned on me that I didn’t even know how to go about it. A long trawl on Ravelry revealed some cute knitted ones, but time was running out, so I had to check out crochet poppies as they’re quicker to make. That lead me to a YouTube tutorial by OnTheCornerofCraft which I followed to make these beauties.


I used Drops Flora in Red Mix, a gorgeous shade of red (and I’m not generally a fan of red) and Cascade 220 fingering in Jet; holding 2 strands of each to give a robust result. For the back, I used 1” brooch back.

And I couldn’t resist making a sparkly one for yours truly 😋.


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