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FO Friday – Goldenrod Carbeth

Thanks to the sudden change to cooler weather, I was able to re-visit my woollen WIPs that had been on languishing on no-knitting island, and first to cross the finish line is my Carbeth cardigan.

According to the pattern, the cardigan is intended to be wide, cropped, and hang bell-like from the shoulders; but being pear-shaped, I wasn’t sure it’ll suit me. So before starting, I had at least planned to lengthen mine and shape the waists. Introducing short rows at the back was something I happened to come across while looking at finished projects on Ravelry (very glad I did). I noted some did short rows to bring the back up before ribbing and I liked that look better, so I did same to keep the ribbing closer to my neck.


  • I increased the overall length to 23.5”.
  • I included a diamond lace pattern on sleeves using my book ‘The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook’ by Melissa Leapman.
  • Kitchener stitch instead of 3-needle bind off (see my Ravelry page).
  • I didn’t do the fold-over neck ribbing.
  • Gradual short rows, using this YouTube tutorial  by 2bunused where she did a comparison of several short row techniques. There’s no demonstration, but her explanation is clear enough I think. After the last row of decreases at the yoke/back neckline, I added 6 rows of gradual short rows (details on my Ravelry page). I’ve done short rows on sleeves only two times following instructions, but I’ve only encountered it once for the back of neck once – my Vinterfjell yoke. However, I prefer the one in the video because it gives a gentler curve.
Back view showing the beginning and end of my gradual short rows

Here’s my back neck area compared with the one in the pattern; I like the extra coverage for my neck.

Lastly, I did some waist shaping, and included back darts (details on my Ravelry page), because I have a dipped back waist area. As the garment is knitted with 2 strands of Drops Lima (wool/alpaca), I didn’t think it’ll flow nicely in that area hence the darts.


Below is the close-up of the back darts.

Close up view of back darts

The special techniques of 2 stitch i-cord bind off and i-cord buttonholes were really interesting and I like the look it gave the cardigan.

i-cord button holes and bind off

This is a really beautiful cardigan with interesting construction techniques, and didn’t take long to make (if I’d knitted it without breaks) even though it took me several months to finish.

And here it is in all its golden glory 🌞.



Have a good weekend.



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