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WIP Wednesday – ‘Knitcation’

As you may have noticed on my Instagram widget, I posted my progress on my husband’s languishing Carraig Fhada vest days ago. I had some days off work last week and combined with the bank holiday, it meant I had five whole weekdays to ‘play’ with, so I decided to show the vest some love. The downside however was the school holidays, because I was also doing some children-minding in that time. My initial plan was to do some sewing (finish my knitting tote, particularly) and knitting, but since I really didn’t want to cut any more summer fabric, and I don’t have plans yet for the colder month garments, I shelved the sewing in favour of knitting.

I’d just done the last teal stripe the last time I worked on this (many, many moons ago 😀)

The picture above doesn’t look like I did much, but and I’m very happy to say that I managed to add about 3″ to the length. The vest has been a straightforward knit-in-the-round pattern so far, with no shaping, and there’s been no serious mishap till date.

Now on to my Rowan’s Orkney cardigan which was what I pretty much spent my knitting time on. As much as I’ve loved seeing the different patterns on this garment emerge, it’s not been without hiccups, some thanks to purling in Fair Isle. Coupled with that, there’s no pattern for the armhole shaping (the pattern just describes what to do), so I’m working it out myself and making notes on the chart, which hopefully will help me with the front panels. If this wasn’t colourwork, it’d be easier hide mistakes as there are no patterns to form.


Progress is somewhat slow, but I love it regardless. I’m not sure I’ll ever like purling English style, but for a pattern like this, I’m willing to knit upside down if need be 🙂.

Thanks for coming by, and ‘see’ you next time.




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