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WIP Wednesday – For The Love of Fair Isle

I managed to put a little dent in my WIPs thanks to the bank holiday Monday here, so I only have one WIP – Rowan’s Orkney to report on because both my Vinterfjell jumper and Carbeth cardigan are now finished and currently blocking.

This knit has not been without some mishaps. First was the 2×2 corrugated ribbing at the hem. The 26 rows I knitted took FOREVER because I didn’t realise the two yarns travel differently in this kind of ribbing. I was having ‘fun’ purling and then turned to the right side and saw the mess I’d made. Of course, that resulted in some ‘tinking’ but I only had one row to unravel so I didn’t feel too cross with myself.

Orkney Cardigan

After first learning to knit English style (both yarn and working needle in the right hand) and taking a particular dislike for purling, I then learnt Continental style (yarn in my left hand, working needle in my right) which is now my preferred style of knitting. For colourwork though, I prefer to knit with both hands because the strands of yarn never tangle (this works very well for a two-colour row, but it becomes a bit tricky if working with more than two strands). This knit is knitted flat, so it’s slower than usual because purling English style is not my cup of tea; but what won’t I do just for the sake of Fair Isle?

Avocado on the right, resulting green on the left after over-dyeing

I ended up not using Avocado 151 as is, and over-dyed it instead with Wilton’s food colouring and distilled white vinegar using the eye-balling method 🙂. First I used Leaf Green, then Violet, Pink, and finally Black (you can tell I didn’t know what I was doing 😁). The black was with the intention of hopefully getting pine colour, but the dye just washed out during rinsing (kudos to all you hand dyers out there). Anyway, as I didn’t get a consistent representation of Pine 158 online, and there’s no yarn shop near me to go see what shade of green it is, I decided not to go further and went with the green I got.

My gauge is 26 sts and 33 rows unblocked, on 3.25mm needles in a 4” square, while the prescribed gauge is 25 sts and 29 rows, so I think it should work out to suggested gauge stitch-wise after blocking . The length should be fine also as the finished length for the size I’m knitting is 21 1/2, but I like my cardigan to be between 23 and 24 inches long. I’ll just have to keep an eye on the length as I knit.

The resulting fabric by the way is turning out ‘beuyootiful’ and I love all the different things going on. I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed garment.

Carraig Fhada Vest

Now that I have two WIPs off my needles, I should have some time to spare for Carraigh Fhada. That’ll definitely make someone 😃.

Till next time.


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