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Knitting Tote In Progress

I currently have two project bags, both with drawstrings. The first one I made (and my favourite till now) was with recycled fabric and supplies (yes, I’m cheap like that 😉). The fabric was my leather handbag bag, and it’s rather small. The second which is a tad bigger has been looking the worse for wear for sometime now, and never leaves home. That means I only have a smallish bag to carry my knitting around it. They were adequate when I first started knitting, but it’s now time for a spanking new bag.

As someone who knits on the go, I wanted a much bigger project bag that can take a whole jumper, if need be, with inner pockets, and no zip closure so as so be able to knit while on the move. So I started looking online for inspiration, and finally narrowed my choice to a tote bag, without a zip.

From left; red canvas, lining fabric and patterned canvas

Outer Bag Fabric: 100% cotton; plain red and patterned canvas from Fabric Time and respectively.

Outer Bag Interfacing – Vilene G700 woven interfacing for the patterned canvas and Decovil Light for stabilising. I didn’t interface the red canvas because it’s a slightly heavier fabric than the patterned canvas.

Lining Fabric – 100% cotton from MinervaCrafts.

Lining Interfacing – Vilene H630 (I think this is the equivalent of fusible fleece) for main lining, G700 woven interlining for pocket, and Decovil I Light to give some structure.

Supplies – all purpose threadsnaps, eyelets, invisible magnetic clasp, polypropylene webbing, zip for outer pocket, plastic mesh from Fabric Time for bag bottom.

I didn’t have a pattern, but I based mine loosely on this Debbie Shore’s YouTube tutorial with my own measurements. I liked the idea of separate panels instead of boxed corners and it enabled me use a different fabric for the two narrower sides and bottom. In all, there are five pieces.

Outer bag ready to be stitched to lining

For the handles, I stitched together two 25″ long polypropylene webbings together to get more sturdier handles as this is a big’ish’ tote. I was going to cover them with fabric to make the handles, but decided against it because I think the streets of London need some colour 😊.

Inside of main bag; plastic bag bottom stitched at base to seam allowance; surrounding shows Decovil I Light

I decided not to use bag feet, so I’ve just hand-stitched the plastic bag bottom to the seam allowance. As before, I’m inserting Decovil Light in-between the main bag and lining before stitching both at the top, and I’ve tacked them together at intervals so they can stay in place inside the bag.

Instead of a zip for closure, I stitched invisible magnetic clasps to the interfaced side of the lining so they’ll just snap together to close the bag. These are encased in vinyl I believe and stitched around the four sides.

Square strips of woven interfacing pressed down to give extra strength to the spots where I’ll be stitching the magnets


And I fixed three eyelets for easy yarn management should I happen to be knitting colourwork projects.

Lining showing pocket with three eyelets for yarn. The magnified area shows where the invisible magnetic is stitched
Other side of lining


That’s all for now. I should have a finished bag ready for my Rowan’s Orkney in the not too distant future.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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