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WIP Wednesday – Vinterfjell and Rowan’s Orkney

I’ve been ploughing through my WIPs since I set my eyes on Rowan’s Orkney and just managed to cast my  Carbeth cardigan off the needles this past weekend. My plan was not to cast any project on without at least casting one off, and I’ve not done too bad I think. Anyway, I then picked up my Vinterjfell and was pleasantly surprised to see I’d done more knitting than I envisaged. That means I’ll have another project off my needles soon, HURRAY!

I had issues with the neck ribbing from inception as it was too high up. I’d noticed that finished projects on Ravelry seemed too high up at the neck and I didn’t like the look so to remedy that, my bean counter self thought casting on more stitches will resolve that, hoping for wider neckline. So I cast on for the largest size, did the ribbing, then reduced to the stitch count for my size to continue.

Stitch markers showing the beginning and end of short rows as instructed in pattern

The result, after blocking wasn’t satisfactory, so I cut off the neck ribbing and started again using gradual short rows. I tried it unblocked, and it sits better I think.

Close up of neck area after re-knitting the ribbing; stitch markers show the beginning and end of my gradual short rows

Both necklines in the pictures above are unblocked, and I can see a difference in the two albeit not much, so 🤞. I’m getting a bit impatient, so I’m thinking to make my sleeves 3/4 length, but we’ll see.

Only the sleeves remain

Next up is Orkney.


The remaining yarn balls for my Orkney arrived in the post on Monday, so I now have all the prescribed colours save for Pine 158. Since I already have three of Avocado 151 in my stash, I’ll try it as is, or over-dye it if need be.

Now THE CHART 😩. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before, and SCARY.

Reviews on Ravelry say it turns out small, so, my intention is to knit the next size up for the body, and two sizes bigger for the sleeves. With that in mind, I cast on for the back yesterday evening. I’m tempted to attempt to convert it to knitting in the round (not that I know what to do at this stage), but I like the look of seamed knits better, so I’ll be knitting this flat, and just have to get used to purling in FairIsle.

Rowan Felted Tweed Camel and Carbon


One thing I don’t fancy is the sleeves having a different pattern, that said, it does look good regardless.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention swatching. Well…what can I say?

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the yarn is Rowan Felted Tweed DK; thank you Tracey.

Unfortunately, Carraigh Fhada remains same 😔, but I intend to remedy that as soon as I cast off Vinterfjell.

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15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Vinterfjell and Rowan’s Orkney

  1. I love the colors you are using in both sweaters! Your knitting looks so nice. I’d love to do this fair isle type of knitting that your are doing, but that isn’t going to be happening until I learn to knit using just one color. You really inspire me with both your knitting and your sewing!

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    1. Do hurry 🙂. I think you’ll love it. You can try Fairisle on a small project as soon as you learn the knit stitch. My first try was a pair of mitten not long after I started knitting. It wasn’t easy and certainly not perfect by a long shot but I finished it and I still wear it.

      Liked by 1 person

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