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Knitting Hiatus Coming To an End

After several months of inactivity, and many  thanks to the mild  Summer weather, I finally picked up my garments in progress. Knitting on Vinterfjell is reserved for my commute to and from work, while I’m knitting on Carbeth in the evenings after work. I tried on the latter after finishing it save for the icord, and it turned out longer than I wanted, so I had to reduce the length.

I incorporated gradual short rows after the last decrease (and before neck ribbing) using the method in this YouTube video (she explained it towards the end, but it’s not a long video and it’s worth watching from the beginning). As this is my first time doing something like this, I had a gazillion lifelines in the garment to be able to tink back if need be. Of course, there were a couple of mishaps, and several rip-backs and plenty of misery later, here is where I am.

Back View; the blue lifeline show where I started my gradual short rows, while the first white lifeline marks the end

Next will be the icord button bands, sewing in ends, and blocking etc.

As soon as this comes off my needles, I’m going to cast on this beauty from Rowan’s 40 year magazine. I’m currently making preparations, and the three missing yarns to complete my yarn requirements should be delivered tomorrow.


Really looking forward to this garment.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.




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