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FO Friday – Ms Poppins’ Bag

So, here’s presenting Ms Poppins’ Bag


Finishing it was pretty straightforward after settling the issue of how to stabilise it. I had to adjust the position of the magnetic clasp (underneath the pretend buckle) however, because the I didn’t use the prescribed clasp. Apart from that, assembly was okay.

There’s a slight difference between the leather I used for the bag bottom corners and flap and the ready-to-use parts I bought – mine is anniline goat skin while my bought leather parts are smooth – but not enough to stand out.


In all, I have five pockets, but it turned out that my water bottle is too long to fit into the elastic holder 😞.

Since it’s fabric, I’ve only used it once because I’m trying to avoid getting it stained and it’s been raining here. I really should decide on the stain resistant/water resistant spray to use so that I can put it to good use.

Inside View

The Craftsy class by Linda Lam was really good, and it made assembly so easy.

The only thing I dislike are the bag feet because they look disproportionately big for the size of the bag. Well, lesson for another make.



The pictures above show the bag without anything in it, and I’m very happy I decided to use Decovil to stabilise it.

Close view of frame and leather bag bottom corners

Till next time.


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