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WIP Wednesday – Simplicity 4760

 My plan is to make four items of clothing for myself for every item I make for the boys, so currently on my sewing table is Simplicity 4760 (version C). My carpet bag technically doesn’t count, so I’ve really only made three items (two tops and a dress), but I resisted the temptation to make the fourth. Instead, I cut this at the weekend for my two youngest.

4760-envelope-frontFabric is 2 metre camo print stretch cotton fabric from MinervaCrafts. I’m not a camo lover, but the boys love this fabric, and it’s a very lovely fabric to sew with.

Since I’m making 3/4 length pairs, I reduced the length on the shorten/lengthen line. From the model, it looks like the hem width is wider than usual, so should look good in 3/4 length 🤞. Thinking back now, I wonder if I should just have reduced the length from the hem to make my final hem wider.


The instructions have been straight forward so far, particularly the instruction for installing the zip which is clearer than the one I made for my trouser toile many months ago; but accurate markings are imperative because they just make it so easy.

Front pieces sewn together

I’m liking this so far, and all I have left is to join the back pieces together, add the side pocket and facings and that’ll be all. There’ll be no band because the top edge will be finished with facings instead.

Front and back pieces joined at the sides

So long.


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Simplicity 4760

  1. Simplicity has been around for soooo long. I remember my sister sewing. I made ONE wrap skirt and it nearly did me in. A nun was teaching me and I was just awful. I could not stand all the steps, geometry..etc. I have respect for those who Sew!!!! I just ironed 2 shirts for my son. I hadn’t touched the iron in YEARS. I still remembered how! Perhaps we can be friends ,the iron and I

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