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Ms Poppins’ Bag In The Making

Weeks ago when I was off work recovering from dental surgery, all I did (pretty much, except undergoing retail therapy 😉) was binge watch Craftsy classes; and I must have watched about a dozen. Of all I watched, the bag making classes piqued my interest immediately. So last week, I set about making the carpet bag from “Sewing Structured Bags – Purse Frames & Beyond” class by Lisa Lam of Uhandbag.


She used quilting cotton and suggested a variety of fabric that could be used, but since I don’t fancy a quilting cotton fabric bag for work, I settled for tapestry fabric instead.

Main Fabric: 100% polyester geometric tapestry fabric from This is a lovely fabric, but it’s not densely woven and I worry about it’s durability for a handbag.

Outer Bag Interfacing: Cotton/poly canvas fabric (I chose this instead of any kind of fusible interfacing because I didn’t think my fabric would withstand the temperature required for fusing. I also used black nylon water repellant fabric for some protection. I then stitched all three pieces together, with the canvas sandwiched between the tapestry and water repellent fabrics.

Outer and inner view of fabric pieces for bag

Lining Fabric: 100% cotton beige broadcloth with tiny vines pattern from MinervaCrafts.

Lining Interfacing: I used Vilene/Vliseline products:

  • H630 (similar to fusible fleece I believe) for the main lining.
  • S320 fusible woven interlining for zipped pocket.
  • Decovil I to give the bag structure.
  • C4B272A4-51BE-4DC8-81E1-BCAE86F18A8C
    H630 on lining and fusible woven interfacing on pocket.

Thread: 100% upholstery polyester thread for the outer bag, normal all purpose thread for the lining.

Hardware, etc.: 12” bag frame, leather handles, 5 bag feet, and magnetic clasp; all from The 2 bottom bag corner pieces and flap I made from hide from

Zip: I cut my desired length from a 5mm continuous zip.

Bag Bottom: Plastic mesh from Fabric Time.

Needles:  Large-eyed hand sewing needle, 100/16 leather and universal needles.

And then I went to town with pockets 😉; also added an elastic band for say, a water bottle

To minimise wear and tear at the bottom corners, I stitched on two pieces of leather. There are faux leather bag bottom corners for sale, but I made mine since I was using real leather parts, and making it was straightforward enough. All I did was stitch both back and front bag pieces at the bottom, and cut the leather based on my final measurements. I then attached them to the main fabric temporarily with double sided tape before stitching.

Double sided tape stuck on back of leather piece

I was sceptical about the ability of my Bernina to cope with about 5mm thick leather in some places, but it managed fine. For the handles and clasps, I used double length upholstery thread on a hand sewing needle to attach them. They came with holes pre-drilled, and I used those as guides, together with an awl to make stitching holes on my fabric.

Looking a bit like Ikea flat-pack furniture 🙂


Since I don’t want a floppy bag, and the Viene/Vlieseline H630 doesn’t give structure to the lining, I’m using Decovil I for stability. For this, I cut two pieces to match the front and back pieces and then trimmed off about 1/4” from the tops so that it can just sit in between bag and lining.


Then I stitched the sides, so I had one piece of Decovil I, pressed down the seam allowance (this stuck down). inserted it in the bag and attached it with the prongs of the bag feet (see below).

Close-up view of Decovil I stitched at sides and held down with bag bottom prongs

So far, so good; all that remains is joining the outer bag to the lining, and hopefully have a finished bag soon. Now I have to think of what coating/spray to use to make it stain and water resistant. Any ideas?

Until next time, thanks for stopping by.


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