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A Reminder …

… to self to pick up where I left off with my Works in Progess (WIP) 😉.

I came home from work last Tuesday, and Rowan subscription magazine 64 was waiting. This is my second magazine since I became a subscriber, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s full of yarny gorgeousness, and I even like the patterns in shades of red, although I’m not exactly a lover of that colour. I’ve bookmarked a couple I’d like to knit for winter with stash yarn, and they’ll be next after I finish my current WIPs.

The dark red/burgundy colour combinations in some of these knits are simply mouth-watering

I really need to pick up my knits under construction, but I’ll need extra pairs of hands at this rate 🐙 😊. My cardigan and jumper are very near completion, but they’re not the best thing to knit in the height of summer hence the lack of knitting activity. I could cast on another project in a summer friendly yarn, but I’m trying to keep my WIPs under control, and of course, sewing is keeping me busy.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


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