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The Many Looks of NEWLOOK 6232

Even though I have a lot of patterns, once I find one I like, I tend to want to make it over and over. That’s why I’ve made this pattern four times already, and have more planned. The first picture is the first shirt I made from this pattern, and my first ever formal shirt.


Version D

Fabric: 100% cotton plaid print from Minerva Crafts, remnants from a pair of lounge shorts I made for my oldest.

Size: I did my usual grading from medium bust to large at hips.

Adjustments/Modifications: I didn’t do the contrasting collar, button band or cuffs, instead, I used a contrasting green check fabric for the collar facing. I also slimmed the sleeves and cuffs by about 1.25″ (the cuffs were way too big for my skinny wrists).

To do for next time: I’d love to play around with the cuff, may be a 3-button longer cuff or a one button but also longer cuff version. I have some Charles Tyrwhitt shirts with those features, and I love them 😍

I used orange thread for buttons and buttonholes, and even did my best to match the plaid. Phew!

The next version I made was for my oldest, this time version B with short sleeves. Fabric is 100% cotton from Fabric Time. Drafting the short sleeves was easy enough. For him, I wanted something that didn’t take time to finish, and it didn’t disappoint. This was the point I was beginning to love making male shirts. Well, who wouldn’t when there’s none of the gazillion adjustments a female garment usually requires 😔 .

Version B (modified)

I used a contrasting fabric for the button and collar band.


Next up is the one I made for my husband. I’ve never sewn him anything though he’s been asking for a me-made shirt since forever. So I finally got round to making him one some weeks ago.

Version B (modified)

Fabric is Linen/Viscose I bought online last year, but I can’t remember where from. The leaf pattern is random enough, so I didn’t bother matching the patterns except the pocket. This was also straightforward with no mishap.


This next make is the one I’m most proud of, also for my son. Though he’s the one with the most me-made shirt, he chooses to live in hoodies come snow, come heatwave, 😔. I couldn’t resist making this one for him though, especially since he came to my mind immediately I saw the fabric.

Version A

Fabric: Cotton/Poly printed needlecord dress fabric from MinervaCrafts.

Modifications: Apart from lengthening the body and sleeves slightly, the only other modification I made was to take in about 1.5” from the width of both sleeve and cuff. Having wondered whether I made a mistake when cutting the fabric for mine, and having made the long sleeve version twice now, I believe the sleeves and are a bit wider than usual (or we’re slimmer than usual at the wrist).

Version A

Then I went town with top-stitching using gold Guttermann top-stitching thread. I’m so happy I bought the edge stitch foot because it just made the process a dream.

I loved everything about these makes and really enjoyed each project. In actual fact, I really do enjoy making shirts for the boys, especially since the only adjustments I ever make are to increase the length of the body and sleeves; no faffing whatsoever.


I’ve now made 7 shirts for the boys, and have more lined up (my husband wanted two more before his birthday which was a few weeks ago, but that was not to be). Although this is not the first shirt pattern I’ve used, it’s the one I like best so far (and I have 2 others I’ve never used). The instructions are clear enough, although I don’t follow the Burrito method of attaching the yoke to the body pieces because I can’t  quite get my head round it.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “The Many Looks of NEWLOOK 6232

  1. Wow! All of these shirts are so nice. I love the one that you made for yourself, especially the contrasting fabric, the colors are just wonderful together! The shirts that you made for your boys and your husband are really, really nice! I just love them. You’ve inspired me to make a shirt for my husband. I really enjoyed your blog post!

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