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WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles

An ever-present struggle for me as a knitter are distractions, and truth be told, there are several weapons of mass distractions all around 🙂. Ravelry, Pinterest, Instagram, knitting magazines, fellow commuters clothed in gorgeous knitwear (in case like me, you knit while commuting), and let’s not forget YouTube. Though the word has generally negative or frivolous connotations, shifting my mental focus has been positive on numerous occasions.

These distractions mostly lead me to something good and I usually learn new things; that’s how yours truly found knitting in the first place. I was at the library studying for my last exam paper – the dreadful taxation – when I got distracted by a YouTube notification on my iPad. I clicked on it, somehow found myself watching someone knitting, and the rest, as they say, is history. The only thing is I didn’t pass the paper that sitting, 🤫, don’t say I said so.

Learning these new knitting techniques however come at a price, and that is losing quite a bit of knitting time. Such was the case some weeks ago when I was supposed to be minding my knitting business. I somehow found myself on Amazon, and there was ‘The Knit Stitch Pattern Handbook’ by Melissa Leapman beckoning.


Before then, I’d been thinking of how to make my Carbeth Cardigan more interesting because it’s all stocking stitches, and then the Carbeth Swan Dance pattern was released. The stitch pattern on the sleeves of the latter immediately caught my attention, and I contemplated buying it just so I can use that on my sleeve, but I kept procrastinating. Anyway, I got a look into the book on Amazon, and it somehow found its way into my basket 😬. I then spent a whole evening checking out the beautiful patterns, and that’s when I saw the fountain stitch pattern which looks very similar to the one on the sleeve of Carbeth Swan Dance.

Fountain Stitch Pattern

The next thing I did was set down my cardigan and started swatching. After a couple of attempts interrupted by more distractions 😉, I had a 💡moment and thought “why not just try it on the sleeves?”. The stitch count didn’t quite work with that in my pattern, so I added 1 extra to accommodate the central spine (flanked by the eyelets in the picture below), so instead of 42 stitches for my sleeves, I have 43.

Beginning of sleeve

Fast forward several days and rip-backs later, here is where my cardigan currently stands. Since I couldn’t get my head round knitting the pattern in the round, I knitted back and forth, then seamed them before joining to the body.

The stitch pattern has M1 (make one), but I used YO (yarnovers) instead.

I replaced the ribbing at the cuff with three garter ridges because I didn’t like how the pattern looked with the ribbed cuff. I also replaced the M1 in the stitch pattern with YO to get the same pattern as on Carbeth Swan Dance. The sleeves look a bit wonky (I had more/less stitches in places that I just left) but blocking should hopefully resolve that. Since Spring has been good, it may not get any wear until later in the year but I’ll finish it nevertheless, because just anything can happen with British weather.

It’s year-end ‘season’ at work, and I’ve been too tired to do any knitting most evenings, so my other knits under construction have see very little progress; but this week is half-term, and I have a few days off, so just may be I’ll find time. On another note, I have been sorting my fabric not-quite-stash 😉, and planning my sewing projects, so I should hopefully have sewn garments to ‘bring and brag’ about soon.

Till next time.


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – A Knitter’s Struggles

  1. What a beautiful cardigan! You are such a talented knitter! I’ve not yet tried fair isle knitting because it looks really difficult, but you are giving me inspiration. I love your blog and now I am following you. I’m looking forward to seeing your next update!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for following me, your lovely comment, and loving my blog. I hope to be able to live up to expectations of my followers 🙂. You should definitely try FairIsle, it’s not difficult at all. Now I have motivation to forge ahead with the vest.


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