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WIP Wednesday – Yokes & FairIsle

I have a new addition to the list of my projects under construction this week, but before I get to it, first up is my husband’s Carraig Fhada. I finally dug it out of hibernation, and began to knit only for my needles to keep unscrewing, and stitches coming off them. The needle wouldn’t stay on the cable no matter how much I tried. Then I remembered having the same issue before it went on a hiatus.

Carraig Fhada

I was first using Knitpro Nova, and thinking it was a bad batch, I ordered Knitpro Zing to replace it. However, that was even worse; the join is so misaligned that coupled with it coming unscrewed, it became a chore getting the stitches to slide over, so I abandoned the project in frustration. Mind you, my sets of Knitpro Symphonie and Nova I bought about two years ago have never given me any issues, though the joins are not the smoothest; but most pair I bought after them has had one problem or another.

Having lost some of my trusted Nova needles during my commute, I decided to buy a new set instead, went searching and narrowed it down to either a Hiya Hiya or Chiaogoo.


Several review videos and blogs later, I finally bit the bullet, and ordered the 5″ Chiaogoo small twist set (2.75mm to 5.5mm) from gorgeousyarns who had the cheapest price online. My immediate need was the 3.75mm, but my bean counter brain thought it best to buy a set of 7 pairs for £60 (plus £4.25 shipping) instead of buying one pair and two cables for at least £15. The small set however doesn’t come with 3mm, so I bought that separately.

Since then, I’ve knitted several more rows, and hope to work more on it this week.


Blåfjell also had some rows added, and I did another fitting session since I’m modifying it to suit my pear shape. Before that, I soaked it briefly in wool wash to remove the weaving oil and let it dry, no blocking. The front view looks good, though it feels a tad small, but there was a slight pouf at the back which I’m ignoring for now. Hopefully, it’ll not be present after proper washing and blocking. One thing I still don’t like is the neck which is too high up for my taste and comfort, but I’ll leave any adjustment till later.

I’m mostly following the instructions except for slight changes here and there (see my Ravelry project page for details), and I’m trying it on a lot since I’m not experienced in altering handknits.

Now to my latest cast on, Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies.


I first bought this pattern several weeks ago, swatched it, and was ready to cast on when we had the first heat wave of the year, so I abandoned it and swatched for a cotton cardigan instead. The weather here being what it is, changed again, so I ended up casting it on a few days ago.

Carbeth Cardigan

It’s not a traditional yoke, but it sort of looks like one, so, a yoke it is 🙂. It’s a bottom up cardigan, and I’m knitting with 2 strands of Drops Lima in a beautiful golden yellow colour. It’s supposed to be boxy, but since yours truly doesn’t think it’ll suit me, I cast on for a size larger than my bust, and I’m incorporating some waist shaping using one of my shop bought cardigan as a guide (more details on my adjustments also on my Ravelry project page).

That yellow just makes me so happy!

Till next time, have fun creating.



13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – Yokes & FairIsle

  1. I really find you very good at knitting. You should take orders and sell your finished products. It would be fun and keep you busy with some more money to buy more wool. I just love the colors and the designs you come up with. Enjoy knitting and showing us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you for such nice comments. I’ve just ‘recently found’ knitting; all I want to do is enjoy it, and it takes me a very looong 😊 time to finish anything, as it’s difficult to squeeze it (and my other interests) into my very busy work life.

      And I certainly l don’t have any design skills.


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