WIP Wednesday – 25.04.18

We had a taste of Summer last week, and for a few days, there were hardly any knitwear in sight; but in typical UK style, the weather suddenly realised that it should be Spring, and that means I get to wear my latest cast off, 👏👏. Anyway, back to the subjects of the day, which are the projects I currently have under construction.

First is my shawl, it’s only a few rows from completion, and should be ready to wear pretty soon. Prior to now, garter stitches didn’t exactly interest me but I just love the different things going on with this shawl, especially how the different colours are separated with the main colour using lovely stitch patterns.

On the Spice Market Shawl

Next up is my Blåfjell yoke which has only grown a few rows, mainly because I couldn’t knit during my commute on the days we had Summer come to town. It was so hot on the underground that I couldn’t bear touching it. Now I know what knitters mean when they say it’s too hot to knit with wool in Summer. I’ve checked the fit and it looks okay.


The following two have not moved a row since last time; Carraig Fhada because I’ve been knitting on my shawl in the evenings, and that’s when I prefer to knit it as most of the rows need concentration. My husband’s pair of socks is another matter entirely. Though I love the way it’s knitting up, the constant change of yarns is driving me nuts; and the thought of weaving in a gazillion ends, well …

I’m already planning my next project, which is going to be a cardigan using yarn from my stash, and I’m so pleased I resisted the urge to buy more. I’m sure you know how it is, you cast off a project and another finds its way onto the needles 😉, BUT I’m going to try and hold that off and knit a bit on Carraig Fhada, even though my husband is unlikely to wear it now that the weather is warming up.


On a different note, this tree in front of my house just blossomed out of the blues; one day it had nothing and the next, boom! (though it’s very likely I wasn’t paying attention). Anyway, the riotous spray of pink flowers are really lovely to behold, that is, until they become confetti in the wind and the rains come calling. They then start being a nuisance in our front garden. Even though it’s lovely to look at now, I love it better in Autumn when it displays a yellow-bronze colour that is simply stunning. I can even see the spray of confetti as I write, well, we can’t have our cake and eat it too.

I have no idea what it’s called, and when I googled it, it looked like the Eastern Redbud but more like the Cherry Tree though I’ve never seen it bear fruit, but then again, I may be wrong. Do you know for sure?

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