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FO Friday – The Tortoise and the Hare

Probably still Friday in some parts of the world, so this still qualifies as FO Friday 🙂.

My Tortoise and the Hare top is finally finished, that is, save for some ends to weave in. I was just lucky to have enough light grey yarn to complete the sleeves, and was very happy I didn’t have to buy more.

I made my sleeves 3/4 length (winged it basically) instead of short sleeves in the hope of wearing it in anticipation of a cool Spring. And then the weather turned 😔.

It was still daylight when I got home from work, so persuaded my photographer to take some pictures. So, here’s “bring and brag”.


The skirt is another me-made one I self drafted using corduroy fabric from myfabrics.co.uk.


I’m really happy I made all the adjustments though it made the process much longer.


The weather folks have predicted cooler weather so I just might be able to wear this beauty soon 🤞.

One thing I’ll try next time for a top knitted in the round is shoulder shaping, or just knitting back and forth at that point, because I don’t quite like the bulk at both shoulders where I lightly sewed down the cut steeks.

Have you tried shoulder shaping in the round or do you knit back and forth at that point?

Have a great weekend.


16 thoughts on “FO Friday – The Tortoise and the Hare

  1. Anthonia, your sweater turned out so nice and you look great in it!
    I think, Andrea from Fruity Knitting has published a little video about shoulder shaping and stranded knitting?
    Greetings from Boulder, Maxi

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  2. Seeing the whole sweater, it is a lovely job and a I hope you enjoy wearing it for years to come! I have never steeked a shoulder, have steeked the sleeves on ski sweaters, but I prefer a more tailored sleeve and shoulder setting, so just grit my teeth and go back and forth on anything a bit dressier. Lovely to see your smiling face!

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