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WIP Wednesday – 18.04.18

Though I try my best not to have many Works in Progress (WIP), I can count five projects currently on my needles, and that is not counting two I’m thinking whether or not to frog. I think that’s not too bad, even if I say so myself.?


First up is Blåfjell, my first yoke sweater. The yoke is done, and all I’m doing now is stocking stitch which provides for good commute knitting while also reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen The yoke was easy and pleasant to knit and I blocked it to check the fit and it fit okay. Since I’m now about 15″ from cast on edge, I’m thinking of doing another fitting session to see how it fits.

The Tortoise and Hare; magnifier showing about 12″ of the light grey yarn left.

Next up is my Tortoise and Hare top which has been on my needles since sometime in January. It’s been through one rip-back, a re-knit, and a ‘surgery’, because I knew it’ll displease me if I didn’t remedy it and I’m happy to say it’s almost finished, YAY! The picture above shows my about-to-be completed second sleeve with the light grey yarn about to run out. Phew! So happy It was just enough. Next, it’ll be blocking time and that’ll be it; so it should be a finished object pretty soon, that is ignoring the gazillions ends to be woven in.

Talking about pretty, I am loving my new Knitpro 20cm aluminium double point needle sets.  They are light and great to use, and I’ve been using the 2.5mm needles for the sleeves. Having never liked double point needles, I really like how light and nice these are compared to the stainless steel ones I have.

On The Spice Market Shawl

Third is my On The Spice Market shawl which really hasn’t seen much progress because I’ve been busy with the first two. Then I ran out of my main colour which is a very blush pink, that left me with a dilemma; should I buy £30 worth of yarn so as to get free delivery or spend £6 for that single hank (including postage)? Neither was attractive because I don’t want to grow my stash if I can avoid it. Then first thing this morning, I had an “aha” moment and thought “why don’t I DIM (do-it-myself) 😉, so I quickly dyed up 28g of natural coloured wool/alpaca yarn I have in stash with a touch of pink Wilton food colouring. It was dry by the time I got back from work this evening, and though it turned out more pink in places, it closely matches my main colour. Hopefully, I now have enough to finish the shawl.

I love everything about this shawl – the garter stitches blocks interspaced with short rows, and the pop of colours in between the main colour, etc., and I’m really looking forward to wearing it this Spring.


Number four is a not-so-new cast on that was relegated so I can concentrate on the others. It’s my husband’s Carraig Fhada, a Kate Davies pattern that has been pretty much stuck at the 3” mark for weeks. The yarn combination is West Yorkshire Spinner’s Jacob in Black Brown, Grey, and Ecru. He really doesn’t need any knitwear as he has several shop bought ones, but he’s in love with Fair Isle vests. As soon as he sees one, he wants it. I had the noble intention to just swatch, but I found myself casting on. I hope to continue with it as soon as I finish my top, but then, I’m already thinking of casting on a cardigan for spring 😉.


Finally, here’s presenting the “rainbow socks” I’m knitting for my husband, which has been on my needles since last year, and will soon celebrate it’s one year anniversary 😁. I’m just knitting tubes (rather long ones since he likes his socks long) and will insert afterthought heels afterwards. I don’t enjoy knitting socks, and coupled with the fact that I foolishly decided to do a stripey pair with different balls of yarns for someone who has large feet, this has not been a fun knit at all. Again, I love my pairs of shop bought bamboo socks most of which are still in good condition, so knitting socks will have to take a back seat at the moment.

So that’s all folks, and until next time, thanks for stopping by.




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