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Box of Spices

Since I have only one knitted shawl for everyday use, (two actually, but one is in a state of disrepair, so, I’m thinking of re-purposing it if my volunteers agree to take on that job), I decided to cast on On The Spice Market by Melanie Berg, after several hours browsing patterns on Ravelry.


It’s an asymmetrical shawl I cast on with my reward hanks of yarn, with five sections. The first is just garter stitch, and it went by quickly. I’m now on the second section, but my Knitpro needles are not appropriate for the dark bits you see below. So, I need to invest in sharper tipped needles to speed things up.


Colours from bottom are Silver, Olive Oil, Charcoal, Plum, Avocado, Jet, with Buff inbetween.

I’m hoping to pick it up as soon as my new pair of needles are delivered, until then, I’ll occupy myself with fitting my Tortoise and Hare top 🤞.

Thanks for stopping by.





4 thoughts on “Box of Spices

    1. Thanks for your nice comment; it actually takes me time a long time to decide on colours. I like most so I have the tendency to want to combine all in a project; such that someone may need sunglasses to be able to behold it 😎


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