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So Much to Knit…

…but not enough time.

Last week, my Rowan subscription Magazine 64 was delivered, and there are several patterns there I’d love to knit right now. Oh my!


I now have five knitting pattern books, all bought between last December and now. If only I could get just one day in the week devoted to knitting.




They all have beautiful patterns, but Knit Like a Latvian is probably my favourite because it has countless gorgeous fingerless gloves and mitt patterns (well, not really 🙂); and I see a lot of yarn remnants put to really good use with it.

Just look at that!

I think there’s certainly a case for Ms May to give all yarn lovers at least a day off in the week to revel in all the yarny gorgeousness surrounding us. We work two days, have a yarny day off to ‘recover’, come back refreshed, work another two days and then the weekend. That’ll be my ideal world. Aah! let’s not forget stitching, so may be two 😉.


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