My intention this year is to knit as possible to knit from stash, so when I saw this gorgeous Melanie Berg’s “On the Spice Market” shawl pattern on Ravelry weeks ago, I tried very hard to see if I could knit it from stash, all to no avail. The shawl I wear mostly in winter is knitted from merino which I love, but it’s an uninteresting almond colour because that was what I had in hand in the early days when all I bought was sale yarns. So, I’ve decided on this particular shawl, but since I don’t have the colours I’d love to use in my stash, I took a conscious decision to “help” promote the yarn economy in my own little way 😉 .

So here are Cascade 220 fingering hanks. These seem a tad finer than Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight which is also fingering weight. I only need about 100m of each, while these hanks are 200m each, so I’ll have quite a bit leftover. I’ll be using some of the green and olive in a vest I also have in my queue, so there won’t be much left of those if any. Any other left over will be used for little colourwork items for my boys lest they end up in stash; so how about that for a stash reduction plan?

From top clockwise; Jet, Buff, Silver, Olive Oil, Charcoal, Plum, and Avocado

Now back to working on my Tortoise and Hare top, because I’m itching to cast these on.

I’ll see you soon, and thanks for stopping by.


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