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No Progress Thursday

I seem to be taking one step forward and two steps back as far as this top is concerned. In fact, I had knitted two sets of the repeats (about 6 inches from the Vikkel braids) and was about to progress to the shaping of the bust when I tried it on again, and found it too snug for my liking. I debated with myself a bit and considered moving on since I could wear it under a cardigan but I concluded that a wool/alpaca/nylon blend (I know, I’m going against the “norm” for stranded knitting 😉), will be too warm. I had paid no attention to the fact that it’s supposed to be close-fitting, and was knitting at negative ease (another word added to my knitting vocabulary 😁), so I tinked it up to the braids, added 30 more stitches to make a total of 270 stitches, and started again, this time around on 3.25mm needles. I’m hoping I’d have at least 2″ positive ease with these adjustments.

Another reason I ripped it back was I noticed on close inspection that the stitches of the first set of pattern repeat looked very sloppy, even though the second set was even; and I couldn’t bring myself to ignore the offending set. I don’t know how that happened, but I’ll defend myself and say it was because I was knitting mostly at night with only my bedside lamp 😁.

Before tinking.

This time around, I’m paying particular attention to my orange and mustard floats (wool/nylon blend) to avoid any more problems. I really want this to finish soon because I have other knitting projects lined up 🤗 .

As at this afternoon, after starting again from braids.


Till next time, happy knitting and stitching.



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