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Cables in Progress

In this post, I mentioned that I’d be making a sleeveless version of the cable jumper by Isabel Démarchais for my oldest son because I’d probably finish a jumper for his younger brother in the time I’d take to knit the sleeves on his. I thought it’d work for him as it’s not a shaped jumper, though it looks shaped in the second picture third picture below. The pattern is 90% stocking stitches except for the rows and rounds with cables. It is worked top-down; the back is knitted first from upper back until armhole, placed on waste yarn, then the front before joining and continuing in the round.


To make it sleeveless without the shoulders overhanging, I knew the measurement across his back has to be narrower than a jumper’s so I concluded that I’d start with size S, knit up to the beginning of armhole shaping, and instead of increasing by 12sts, increase by 20sts to get to size M. I didn’t know if it’s the ‘right’ way to achieve what I wanted but since I’ve only really been knitting regularly since early 2017, I just went with my instinct. Anyway, he tried it on after the increase, and it looked okay. Then I ran into a problem on the next cable round because I wasn’t able to match them to the previous cables for some reason. So after a couple of attempts, I just took off the stitches from my needles so I had live stitches; then using paper clips, I arranged the cables as they should be, and then proceeded to knit. It’s been plain sailing after that.

So, here’s where I am today.


I’ve been knitting at every opportunity since my last post, even after work when I’m dog tired, but I’m very happy seeing the result.



I can see the end in sight, YAY! It shouldn’t be long now.

Till next time.


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