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Under Construction

After my very quick hat knits (well, sort of), I found myself in the ‘knit a garment mode’ once more, so I cast on this gorgeous cable jumper by Isabel Dermachais for my son.


I fell in love with the pattern immediately I set my eyes on it, and bought it with the intention of knitting the jumper for yours truly, but then thought may be I could knit a somewhat quicker version for our oldest son by making it sleeveless. He’s tall and the thought of knitting two 27” all over cable sleeves is ‘scary’. The pattern doesn’t have a sleeveless version, but we’ll see.

I’m knitting this with James C. Brett 100% wool yarn I bought last December with the intention of knitting him a vest, but just never got round to it until now.

Hopefully, I won’t have a disaster to report next time.

The second item under 🚧  is a vest/slipover for my youngest. You remember one of my Christmas presents to myself? The ‘150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs’ book? I’m using the free Cascade Pacific Fair Isle Vest Pattern instruction but I’m making my own Fair Isle pattern with designs from the book.

I knitted the pattern for his older brother earlier in the year, and decided not to repeat it this time.


Yarn is Drops Alaska, and I’m knitting with 5mm needles so it should be quick, hopefully 😉.


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