Fluffy – Hers

Here’s Fluffy, my finished hat.


I frogged it after my initial post as I found the band too wide for my liking even with wearing a wig. I then re-knitted the band this time with size 4mm needles and the body with 3.5mm needles. I also didn’t knit it as long as prescribed because I don’t fancy a rolled brim.

After work last Friday night, I just sat in my sewing room and just knitted until the wee hours. I didn’t block it as it looks very nice straight off my needles. The hat is a lot slouchier than I expected but it should be okay for when I have braids on.

See this post for more details.

And here are a couple of pictures.


Styled here a bit like the Nigerian Gele (head wrap)
Close-up view of stitch pattern

When my DH saw the pattern, he wanted a ‘his’ version, so I cast on another. I’m knitting his version with Adriafil Regina, a 100% DK Merino yarn, and  I 🤞 it’ll be finished quickly as well.

Here’s a peek.


Thanks for stopping by, and see you next time.



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