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My latest cast on.

While my latest knitted garment is being blocked, I cast this on. I have only one winter hat (my other hand knitted hat, as well as shop bought ones were involved in different dryer ‘accidents’ last winter), so what perfect time to knit another? This pattern is a free one from Purl Soho named Fluffy Brioche, and the yarn is Wendy Merino DK I bought from


The pattern suggested either a long tail tubular or a regular long tail cast on, but as I had just found the German Twisted cast on, I decided to give it a try instead. So, I did a German Twisted Cast On in pattern (K1, P1 in this case) instead, and went on to knit a twisted rib band on 4.5mm needles. Patty Lyons on YouTube has an excellent tutorial on this cast on method which shows both the knit and purl. I’ve used the tubular long tail cast on a couple of occasions, but I’m not sure I really like it. Though it makes for a seamless ribbing which gives a neat look, it doesn’t bounce back in my experience.

Here is the long tail tubular cast on on my pair of ageing fingerless gloves.

Cuff showing 1 x 1 long tail tubular cast on edge

This is the first time I’m using German Twisted cast on (also called the Old Norwegian cast on);  it promises both a stretchy cast on as well as bounce back. Well, we’ll see.

I’m knitting the body with 4mm needles instead of the prescribed 3.5mm.

It shouldn’t take long. Hopefully.

See you next time, and thanks for stopping by.


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