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Parts of a Whole

Well, incomplete parts as I don’t have all the parts yet.

My Deep Ocean Twist jumper is nearing completion, 😲. I believe I’ve made this much progress because sewing has been somewhat relegated, and I’m knitting on 5mm needles. This will probably be the quickest garment I’ve ever knitted. The back was a breeze, and I was expecting the front to be just as easy, but the cable turned to be a feat to achieve on a moving train. Though not difficult, it’s done in parts and that slowed me down.


This slowed I put the left half of the front on scrap yarn, while I knitted the right half for a couple of rows, and vice-versa. Not difficult, but not really the commuter-friendly knit I expected it to be. I had several nervous looks 😨 each time I brought out my darning needle and began to put live stitches on scrap yarn; so much that I restricted that part of the knit to my lunch time and home.

So far, I’ve finished the front, back, and one sleeve, and I’m almost half-way on the second sleeve. Pictures are dull because it’s been consistently cloudy.





I really like this pattern and the Kids-Silk/Nord combo gives it a luxurious feel. I only wish the instructions are better written, but I have enjoyed knitting this, and also love the top-down construction which makes try-as-I-knit possible. I hope to finish the other sleeve this week, but we’ll see.

Till next time.


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