Cobbled Scarf

Here’s Cobbled, a free pattern from Purl Soho they named Cobblestone. It’s knitted with seed stitches using three different yarns – Cascade Alpaca Lana D’oro in Jet and Charcoal, as well as Sirdar Wool Rich Aran in Shingle (silverish) . The Cascade is Alpaca 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca blend, and the Sirdar is 60% Wool, 40% Acrylic. I was reluctant to use the Sirdar yarn, but the third Cascade colour I bought didn’t look well with the other two and then I found the Sirdar yarn which was left over from a pair of hand warmers I knitted for my son. It still contrasted much more than I would have liked, but it goes with the other two colours. Sirdar was supposed to be knitted with 5mm needles, but I knitted all with 4.5mm needles as per the instruction.

CD86086F-CBC2-47E0-92A1-AC3AD43E4A92I didn’t like seed stitch before I knitted this, and never paid it much attention, but this pattern really does it justice. It’s simple but gives a beautiful result, I think the use of three different colours really bring out the pattern.

Knitting it was quite straightforward but it took forever because I ran out of Sirdar Wool Rich Aran. I searched high and low for it for several weeks with no success, and found it eventually on ebay at an exhorbitant price. Well, lessons learned.

Here it is on my DH turned model.


And the stitch pattern close up.


So long.



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