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Finished Object

My Sirdar cardigan is finally finished 👏👏. I actually finished it two weeks ago but forgot to take pictures these past weekends, and I’m having difficulty taking pictures during the week now we have shorter days. I just managed to take these earlier today after church, while my photographer was in the mood for some photo shoot.

I wanted a less fitted cardigan than my first so I chose this pattern from Sirdar using merino yarn. This is a pretty straight-forward knit that didn’t really require life-lines. I dropped stitches several times that I lost count but it was easy enough to pick them up and continue. Knitting back and forth made me appreciate all the things I don’t think of when knitting in the round, like the fact that both sides of the front have to be mirror images. I had knitted up to the shaping of the armhole on the front right panel before I realised that it was not a mirror image of the left, and had to ‘tink’ a considerable amount.

To re-cap, yarn is Drops Extrafine Merino in colours light-greyish green and heather,  buttons are mother of pearl buttons from, and I knitted on 3mm and 4mm needles. I don’t quite like the yarn for this pattern as it feels a bit too processed for superwash, and the lacy front pieces grew about 2 inches longer and wider than the back (I didn’t knit a swatch for the lacy bit 😒). It resulted in some permutations in making up the front and back. Anyway, here is the result, a slightly bigger cardigan with extra long sleeves.



A close-up look of the lace, which I would have preferred to be more open.

It may seem inconsequential, but I love the buttonholes on this cardigan better than on my first cardigan. I’m already thinking of casting on a gorgeous cable jumper pattern I bought during the week 😉, but I really need to finish another of my work-in-progress and may be cast on accessories instead of garments so that I can squeeze in some sewing time. I must confess though that it’s more tempting to be cozy under a blanket knitting than sewing at this time of the year.

Hope you’re all having a great day/evening.


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