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Athletic – One Word Prompt

Daily Prompt: Athletic

I loved watching athletic events growing up in the 80’s. It was the highlight of any championship as far as I was concerned and I loved track and field best. Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, and our very own Chidi Imoh were my ‘men’ then, and I used to stay glued to the TV, while following them around the tracks with my eyes and cheering wildly.

I still love athletics, track and field is still one of my best events to watch, and Usain Bolt et al are now thrilling fans all over the world. Even though I took part in school events before I went off to University (100m, 4 x 4, high & triple jump, netball), I’m no longer ‘athletic’. The most I do now is walking to my station to and from work in my trendy athletic shoes. Aah! let’s not forget 🏃🏽‍♀️to catch the bus, the train, after my kids, up and down the stairs in the mornings in the bid to get them ready for school, without the shoes of course.

Track Cycling is another sport I love to watch even though I never paid it much attention before the London 2012 Olympics. Cycling is on the list of the activities I intend to take up in the future, but only in my local park and not on the very busy streets of London. As a result, I’ve been thinking of sewing athletic gear especially now that I have an overlocker/serger. That means you may see me in the future in my one-of-a-kind athletic wear, or not, because they just might end up as under garments 😁 should my aspiration of being a cyclist doesn’t come to fruition. Failing that, I’ll just have to make space for them in my expanding me-made wardrobe. Then, I’d officially belong to the category of people who though never enter a gym or exercise, walk around in athletic gear 😉.

‘See’ you next time.


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