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What’s On My Needles? Part One

Hmm…, I think ‘are’ will be more appropriate because I have four (yes, you heard right) projects at various stages on my needles, but that was before I re-discovered sewing. You know how it is when you see a cute project and your restless fingers can’t wait to cast on? However, I want to believe those times are now history, because there’s currently an embargo on casting on (hear, hear!), and I WILL NOT (I need to repeat this over and over to myself, God help me) cast on any other project until these are completed. My usual practice was to have two different projects going at the same time; one for my commute to work/lunch breaks, and another for home (the latter will definitely result in much gnashing of teeth should I lose a stitch while knitting it on a moving train).

Anyway, today’s subject is the beauty below, which is the largest among the four, and my choice of yarn is Drops Merino Extra Fine.

Sirdar Click Dk 9523

It’s a pretty straightforward knit, and somewhat easy enough to survive the rumbling and meandering of a train. The lace pattern is an 8-row repeat which tends to stick after a couple of repeats such that I usually don’t have to consult the instructions for a few rows. It’s been on my needles since June because I now mostly knit on my way to and from work, but I must confess it makes my commute a lot more bearable.

Here is where I am currently, starting to shape the armhole on the front (right side), and next will be the sleeves (YIPPEE! light at the end of the tunnel). By the way, I already completed the back and left side of the front.

Sirdar 3
Front, right side showing the beginning of the armhole

I’m unsure whether the sleeves will be full or 3/4 length at this point, but one thing is certain, I can’t wait to show it off. More about it when it’s completed, and there’ll hopefully be no horror stories.

Till next time.



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